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about The Mallet

A passionate team exploring the world of solid wood furniture.

Bespoke furniture hewn from nature by master craftsmen to create pieces that speak the language of international contemporary design. Each carefully curated form is imbued with sophistication, stability, and harmony. We meld together artistry and innovation by reimagining traditional techniques for the new-age connoisseur.
The Mallet stands for responsible luxury. We believe in maintaining balance and unity in all things, including our design - not just in our finished product, but in our business ecosystem. We source materials responsibly and firmly believe in respecting our work, our people, our customers, and the environment.

Stunning Craftsmanship at the core of our ideals.

The Mallet reflects the coming together of traditional woodworking craftsmanship with a modern sensibility and global design aesthetic. We seek to create unique, custom furniture for the Indian market, with an underlying grain of innovative design and impeccable skills. If you are looking for luxury decor combined with sustainability, and international design with quality materials treated with care and skill, The Mallet is for you.

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At the core of The Mallet is understanding our customers’ needs. Our handcrafted furniture is not only one-of-a-kind but also of the highest quality. Each piece is designed and executed with an underlying concept, which inspires various visual and structural elements, and comes through with clarity in the final form.
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While our craftspeople are trained in the fine traditions of woodworking from India and abroad, we take pride in pushing the envelope and reinterpreting classical styles and design. Our signature solid wood furniture is instantly recognizable by its distinctive shapes and ornamentation, and innovative ergonomics that elevate interiors to a whole new level. Our pieces are crafted using jigs and templates, from specially selected light coloured wood and treated with natural oiling - every piece exudes solidity and sophistication and reflects carefully considered concepts.
Our ethos of sustainability is reflected in the fact that we undertake continuous training of our craftspeople, use responsible sourcing across the board and follow by fair trade practices. We take our eco-footprint seriously - all our wood is locally sourced through FSC and PEFC certified vendors, ensuring that our business operates in line with international best practices on sustainable forest management.

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